Why Uniforms

Why Uniform

As the word uniform depicts spread equally, so uniforms brings all the person wearing the same uniform in an institution at a similar level. Uniforms put an end to the differences of rich-poor, caste, creed, color, region etc. If kids are wearing school uniforms then they are all at a similar level. If it’s a corporate company then the corporate uniforms may indicate the designation or department of the person. Hence there are different kind of uniforms in a corporate company like Receptionist uniforms, Manager uniforms, Support staff uniform, Peon uniforms, Housekeeping uniform, Ladies uniforms, Men's uniforms, Sales uniforms and many such different categories of uniforms. The same way in a hospital we can judge the designation of the person by his uniform, example doctor uniforms, nurse uniform, ward boy uniform, cleaning staff uniform, scrub uniform and many such types. A uniform relates a person to the organization and gives a sense of pride and responsibility. When we see a person in his normal dress and if we see the same person in a police uniform, we have totally different opinion about him. So, it’s a must for reputed organization or ngo or institute or school or company to have a very good looking and comfortable uniform.

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